Wednesday, May 20, 2015

'Gay Sailor' Russian Sub Deterrent?

So I was going through the local news and then I saw this title "Swedish 'gay sailor' deployed to deter Russian subs" so like any naturally curious person I clicked the link. I found the article both funny and a little bit disturbing. So apparently a morse code system has been developed sending messages out to any Russian subs who find themselves lost in Swedish waters. The message on a neon sign with a sailor doing pelvic thrusts with underwear says, "Welcome to Sweden, Gay since 1944". While a morse code goes out saying  "This way if you are gay". In a statement, the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society invited any foreign or Swedish submarine crew to join them at the Stockholm gay parade. Hopefully this helps people with their feelings about homophobia and what not but honestly this surprised me.
As always heres the link if you want to check out the story for yourself

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  1. Wow! I didn't know about this till now very interesting news knowing that it dates all the way back to 1944. For those who are homophones I think it will take more than just a link to express themselves to those who do not know. However, I believe this post should use at least more information regarding the "gay" message Sweden sent to Russian subs who found themselves in Sweden waters.