Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Sugar? Yes please~"

Normally when you read that you think of the song "Sugar" by Adam Levine but not today. A sugar bomb was thrown at the Maroon 5 singer on May 7th. Reports say someone threw a paper bag with brown tape that exploded over the singer leaving him covered in white. Some of the sugar got in his ear while the assailant was tackled by security the name has not been released as of yet.

Heres the entire story down below as usual and sorry bout not putting the link in the last story, I was pressed for time:


  1. I heard the assailant was the same person who threw a rock at Dwayne Johnson not too long ago. Seems as if he likes to use puns in his assaults.

  2. This guy must be one funny dude,wouldn't mind hanging out with him.