Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heart breaker, and Heart Saver.

This is about a dog named Hansa Rose, Hansa was originally used as a bait dog for an animal fighting ring. She had a belt tied around her neck twice and was rendered helpless as another dog 'practiced' fighting on the poor girl. She was rescued by Tink Bechtol once Tink picked up Hansa she noticed that the dog was in a much worse state then she originally thought. One eye was farther back then it should be and the other eye was in bad shape.

She had very few teeth and her jaw was crooked. After hours of surgery and hours upon hours of therapy Hansa went through it like a trooper after a year and eight months thing were looking up for this adorable pooch. She attended a all-girl school where she soon became an addiction for all of the students.

Finally the day came when an email from a woman named Cheryl about Hansa asking to adopt her. The staff at the shelter were nervous, after all they wanted to know if this home would be right for her.
After being adopted Cheryl says that they feel like they understand each other.

To be honest I nearly cried tears of joy after finishing the story (I came very close to it) heres the link to the story hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Wow such a heartbreaking and touching story. I am glad that you've found a compelling dog story and decided to report about it because not many people would do so. Since they only see a dog as just a "dog" and nothing more which is really depressing to find out how can people be so cruel to defenseless animals that only want to be loved and cared for. The human race is totally corrupted in so many ways that there is no saying to just what extent a person will go to achieve his or her own cupidity. I believe this story speaks out not only to those who care about the welfare of animals, but also to those who have a cold heart knowing that they could do more but refuse and do less like our state politicians and representatives. Nonetheless, if you are really interested in attracting massive amount of attention to your stories that leave people in shock to start thinking twice about the welfare of animals please do check out and educate those who do not know what goes on to every helpless and defenseless animals.